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Make $20 in 5 minutes! Fuze Twitter Project

Hello all!

Want to make $20 in 5 minutes??? If you have an active twitter account with at least 5000 followers, post the following message and we will send $20 to you via PayPal:

“See hot webcam shows at new webcam site today!” (with the site linked!)

If you’d like to earn more money for your post, you may use your own affiliate link at instead.

Once you’ve made your post send an email to with the following info:

1) The link to your twitter post

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Best wishes,

Fuze Team

Fuze Chat is Mobile Compatible

A quick update – you can now chat again on mobile devices  :-D

More updates coming soon include:

  1. New chatroom/video design
  2. Group Private Chat and Re-implemented Private Chat Options
  3. Studio Option for those operating model studios

 Fuze Team

New CamFuze Affiliate Program Is Now Live! Many new ways to earn lots of $$$ easily!

Fuze Affiliate Program

We’re excited to bring you this great news! We have just launched the brand new CamFuze Affiliate Program at

You now have the options to earn on registrations ($1 per signup), 20% revshare, $50 broadcaster referrals, and 5% affiliate referrals!

We also offer a wide array or new promo tools including banners, popunders code, API, and more to come (e.g. whitelabel option will be available next week).

Simply grab your unique referral links at to refer anybody online including all your online friends/community and begin earning cash today!


Fuze Team