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Group Private Show Launched

Group Private Show functionality has officially launched! Now you can privately broadcast and/or watch shows with groups of other viewers. Models can enable Group Shows in their broadcast settings.


 Team Fuze

Buying/Selling Photos and Videos Feature Launched

We’re happy to announce that you’re now able to upload videos to your profile. Additionally, you can now buy and sell your own photo and video content directly from your profile!

To get started, simply click on the “View My Page” menu tab at the top of the page, then scroll down and click on the red “Upload new pics and videos” button on your profile page

If you run into any glitches, let us know.


CamFuze Team

Upgraded Offline Tip Panel

Now in addition to sending a tip to a broadcaster that is offline, you have the option to add a message along with your tip. The broadcaster will receive your message in their “Messages” inbox alongside the amount of your tip so they know who to thank!


New Features Coming Soon: New Chat Room Design and More!

We’ve spent the past few months working on a number of new features which will be released soon including:

1) A ‘Buy and Sell Photos and Videos’ feature on your profile

2) Brand new chat room design (taking longer than scheduled but will be worth it!) with more exciting options!

3) Added Privacy features such as limiting your room viewership to logged in viewers only

4) The ability to buy subscriptions and tokens using PayPal as well as a One-Click feature to make these purchases as easy as a single click of the mouse.

5) Integrated Affiliate Program and promotional tools so that you can instantly earn money promoting CamFuze.

6) New contests and prizes!

Noted bug: The “Follow” alerts are tied into the webcam streaming so this feature will work again once the new chat room design has launched. Likewise for the private chat room feature.

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon! :)

Fuze Team

HTML enabled on Bio and Wishlist

Approved tipping accounts can now use HTML code in the Bio and Wishlist section of their profile. This means that images can be linked to, the size and color of text can be changed, and a host of other things can be modified to make your profile unique. For example this is how the biography of a Fuze broadcaster looks today:


CamFuze Team

Introducing the CamFuze Wiki – Answers To Common Questions

We’re happy to introduce the CamFuze Wiki where you can find answers to the most common questions about CamFuze. Click here to check out the CamFuze Wiki!

The “Guide to Site Features” will detail current site features as well as many new exciting ones on the way. For this reason, it is still a work in progress.

Lastly, we’re in the final stages of testing our new Support Ticket software that will replace the current “Contact Us” form on the site. The new ticketing system will allow you to view progress and responses to your inquiry online.

CamFuze Team

Get 500 FREE tokens!

It’s never been easier to earn FREE TOKENS on CamFuze! Now you can promote any webcam of your choice! Simply scroll your mouse down below the chatroom and you’ll see 3 tabs. Click on the “Share and Earn” tab. Here you have all the linking options to get free tokens. Copy and paste any of those links into your social networks (facebook, twitter), post it on your blogs, email the links to your friends, or add the links to your own personal webpages.

Free Tokens Linking Codes

New Cam of the Hour points system

We’ve updated the Cam of The Hour award system to allow for more winners! The Cam of the Hour winner is now chosen based on the webcam that gets the most points within the hour.

Points are awarded every 60 seconds, and you can earn between 1 – 10 points per minute based on the amount of registered viewers that watch your cam. More viewers equals more points!

  • The most viewed webcam earns 10 points per minute.
  • The 2nd most viewed webcam earns 9 points per minute.
  • The 3rd most viewed webcam earns 8 points per minute.
  • The 4th most viewed webcam earns 7 points per minute.
  • The 5th most viewed webcam earns 6 points per minute.
  • The 6th most viewed webcam earns 5 points per minute.
  • The 7th most viewed webcam earns 4 points per minute.
  • The 8th most viewed webcam earns 3 points per minute.
  • The 9th most viewed webcam earns 2 points per minute.
  • The 10th most viewed webcam earns 1 points per minute.
The maximum amount of points achievable in an hour is 600.
At the end of the hour, the broadcaster who has the most points wins $10 cash! All points are then reset and a new contest begins.
Please note that anonymous users who are viewing your webcam do not count towards top ten rankings, so encourage them to register!
Cam of the Hour Awards can be viewed at
Real-time contest rankings can be viewed directly below the webcam video in the “Contest Stats” tab. It looks like this:

Watching CamFuze broadcasts on mobile devices


The new CamFuze will be made compatible with mobile devices ASAP.

In the meantime, those of you using mobile devices can still watch CamFuze shows by installing a free app called Puffin Browser.  It’s a browser with an inbuilt adobe flash player. I use it on my Android phone and my iPad. Once it’s installed, it’s just like every other browser except that you won’t get a message to install flash when trying to view flash videos and webcams.

Happy Holidays!