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Does It Even Matter
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Hello, I'm Kitten. I seem to be here cos I enjoy being naked, chatting shit, eating cereal and occasionally violating myself. I have been told that I have a fetish for exposing my genitals. Whatcha gonna do abt it? Sue me? No? I thought not :p P.S Here's a wishlist cos I'm down to earth and like simple things in life P.P.S I seem to do fuck all here atm, apart from graffiting my words on walls, and grimacing at moose cams.

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  • Do you enjoy cyber-sex?If you are over 18, no longer a virgin and still using the word cyber, something is seriously wrong. Also I wonder how you managed to lose your virginity in the first place.
  • Do you use sex toys?My current boyfriend is a pink rabbit, cos I'm sad like that :p
  • Do you enjoy oral sex?Yep, when it is done well. But sadly I have had some really dodgy oral in the past. I prob like giving more than receiving.
  • Do you enjoy anal sex?The jury is out on that one. I could be convinced.
  • Do you enjoy porn movies?The term 'movies' makes me think of a feature length production & I aint got no time to be watching something thats a hr long & has a script. Who watches porn for a plot :S Homemade porn is more fun
  • Are you interested in sex with multiple partners?A threesome with a couple, when I work out how I am going to go about arranging it. (I didn't realise arranging a shag could be so hard)
  • Do you enjoy BDSM?I'd say light/mid bondage. I have a fixation with handcuffs (a good way to deter defiant behaviour) & restraints & spanking & there's something hot abt being pinned down. I could ramble on abt this for ages but there's no space.
  • What other types of sex are you interested in?Technically I think everything should be tried once, before you are allowed to say whether you like something or not. Emphasis on the technically though, some cases are exceptions to the rule.
  • What is your favourite sexual fantasy?I dont have fantasies, I have a checklist, cos I wanna make things happen. The most tedious one to convince someone to do would be sex in a phone box, I don't know why I wanna do that though
  • What do you look for in a sexual partner?Someone that I can connect with on a mental, as well as physical level. I can't be satisfied if I have one without the other.
  • What person you would like to have sex with?Someone that can enjoy some rock, r'n'b, neo soul, indie, dance, chill out, funky house, garage, a hint of pop, disco and some 80's cheese.

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