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Does It Even Matter
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I can write what I want cos no1 will read it :p So here it is. Penis profile pics are shite. Come on, I'm sure you can think of something more creative to showcase your identity. Do you know how many male profile pics are of peens on here? like 93.87%. They won't make you stand out, so if anything they hinder you. Everyone has pics of their weenies here. Try something different for a change.

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  • Do you enjoy cyber-sex?If you are over 18, no longer a virgin and still using the word cyber, something is seriously wrong. Also I wonder how you managed to lose your virginity in the first place.
  • Do you use sex toys?My current boyfriend is a pink rabbit, cos I'm sad like that :p
  • Do you enjoy oral sex?Yep, when it is done well. But sadly I have had some really dodgy oral in the past. I prob like giving more than receiving.
  • Do you enjoy anal sex?The jury is out on that one. I could be convinced.
  • Do you enjoy porn movies?The term 'movies' makes me think of a feature length production & I aint got no time to be watching something thats a hr long & has a script. Who watches porn for a plot :S Homemade porn is more fun
  • Are you interested in sex with multiple partners?A threesome with a couple, when I work out how I am going to go about arranging it. (I didn't realise arranging a shag could be so hard)
  • Do you enjoy BDSM?I'd say light/mid bondage. I have a fixation with handcuffs (a good way to deter defiant behaviour) & restraints & spanking & there's something hot abt being pinned down. I could ramble on abt this for ages but there's no space.
  • What other types of sex are you interested in?Technically I think everything should be tried once, before you are allowed to say whether you like something or not. Emphasis on the technically though, some cases are exceptions to the rule.
  • What is your favourite sexual fantasy?I dont have fantasies, I have a checklist, cos I wanna make things happen. The most tedious one to convince someone to do would be sex in a phone box, I don't know why I wanna do that though
  • What do you look for in a sexual partner?Someone that I can connect with on a mental, as well as physical level. I can't be satisfied if I have one without the other.
  • What person you would like to have sex with?Someone that can enjoy some rock, r'n'b, neo soul, indie, dance, chill out, funky house, garage, a hint of pop, disco and some 80's cheese.

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